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Dead Gophers Worth Big Bucks In Minnesota

This gopher's feet are worth a bounty of $2 in the small town of Viola, Minnesota.

This gopher's feet are worth a bounty of $2 in the small town of Viola, Minnesota.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 1:47 GMT

VIOLA, Minn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dead gophers are a cash cow for folks in Viola, Minnesota.

Gophers are a major nuisance for the local residents, who often see their farm crops and gardens destroyed by the annoying rodents.

To curb the furry infestation, the chamber of commerce offers a bounty of $2 for each pair of feet belonging to a dead gopher that local hunters bring in, which can be redeemed today (Jun. 16) and tomorrow (Jun. 17) at the 136th Annual Viola Gopher Count.

Spokesperson Dale Bierbaum says locals hunt gophers for months so they can collect big bucks from their kill.

He realizes the long-standing tradition seems “gruesome” but reasons, “It’s no different than having rats or mice or cockroaches. We want to get rid of them.”

Bierbaum says veteran “old timers” are the ones who really use tried and true traps to hunt their prey, sometimes showing up to collect their bounty on up to 300 pairs of gopher’s feet.

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