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Swingers Stay Abreast Of Things

The <i>Swinger's Weekly</i>. newsletter keeps partner-swappers up to speed on the latest swinger soirees.

The Swinger's Weekly. newsletter keeps partner-swappers up to speed on the latest swinger soirees.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 17:28 GMT

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When you’re living the swinger’s lifestyle, it’s important to know about the hottest key parties in town.

Good thing partner-swapping couples can get all the info they need to practice sexual freedom with the Swinger’s Weekly e-newsletter.

Those who sign up for the free newsletter receive a weekly email giving them the scoop on local and international swingers’ parties and events, popular hook-up websites, swinging etiquette, and advice on mistakes to avoid when playing the sexual partner switcheroo.

Editor Cynthia Kymacks says swingers like to stay abreast of everything that’s going down in the community so they don’t miss out on any potentially fun activities.

She advises anyone who is about to attend a swingers’ party to brush up on the do’s and don’t’s of swinging so they don’t end up embarrassed or upsetting anyone – or even worse, back home with their regular partner.

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