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Fake Products Worth Major Moolah

If you find a fake product like this

If you find a fake product like this "Nose Job In A Can" at your local store, it could be worth lots of cash.

Friday, April 23, 2010 16:15 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A fake Snickers bar can rake in major moolah.

TrustCorp is an underground group of artists that infiltrate the streets of New York and other cities with their subversive street art.

They create pretend products and plant them in shops around the Big Apple.

These include a Snickers bar that reads “Bulemia” instead of the regular logo, “Happiness” malt liquor, and a “Nose Job In A Can,” which instructs people to grab the can and then smash a face for instant rhinoplasty.

The products, along with other works by TrustCorp, are currently on exhibit at the Brooklyn Brothers Gallery in New York.

Spokesperson Jessica Vogel says that if found, these fake products are worth hundreds of dollars.

Devoted TrustCorp fans have been known to go on scavenger hunts specifically to find the gag goodies.

Vogel thinks it’d be funny to swipe the products since technically they don’t belong to the shops, but the cops may not see it that way.

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