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`The Last Exorcism' Star Haunted By Nightmares

Actor <B>Patrick Fabian</B> plays a reverend who rids people of demons in <B>Eli Roth's</B> <I>The Last Exorcism.</I> The creepy role left a lasting
impression on him.

Actor Patrick Fabian plays a reverend who rids people of demons in Eli Roth's The Last Exorcism. The creepy role left a lasting impression on him.

Friday, July 30, 2010 0:35 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Pretending to be a preacher who performs exorcisms can really affect how you sleep at night.

Just ask actor Patrick Fabian, known for his roles on Big Love and Saved By The Bell: The College Years, who plays a demon-battling reverend in Eli Roth’s latest horror flick, The Last Exorcism, in theaters August 27.

Fabian admits filming the movie in eerie parts of Louisiana gave him the creeps, and researching real life exorcisms for his part led to plenty of sleepless nights.

Despite being a lifelong scary movie buff, he’d find himself tossing and turning in bed from nightmares, waking up in cold sweats.

But bad dreams weren’t the only thing that gave him the willies.

Somewhere along the shoot, Fabian realized that he’s always casted as “the suit” in projects – often playing a lawyer, professor, principal, or preacher – which is truly freaky since he considered himself a “rebel and a rocker” as a teenager, not The Man.

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