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Ping Pong Rules On Set Of `My Boys'

<I>My Boys</I> star <B>Jordana Spiro</B> says ping pong is the game of choice on set for hours on end. Photo credit: TBS.

My Boys star Jordana Spiro says ping pong is the game of choice on set for hours on end. Photo credit: TBS.

Monday, July 19, 2010 0:46 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you can’t play ping pong, then you have absolutely no business being on the set of the TV comedy, My Boys.

So says series star Jordana Spiro, who plays tomboy PJ Franklin on My Boys, debuting its fourth season this Sunday (Jul. 25) on TBS.

Currently, Spiro says the cast’s favorite pastime on set is ping pong – but it’s not some little hobby, it’s a die-hard passion.

Spiro says the men of the show – Reid Scott, Kyle Howard, Michael Bunin, and Jamie Kaler – have lengthy ping pong marathons that get so sweaty, the wardrobe department makes them wear special play clothes so their real outfits don’t get ruined before filming.

Spiro, who considers herself “one of the guys,” tries to partake in the tournaments but admits she gets bored and can’t hang for that long.

After a couple hours, she’s ready for girl time and to “talk about feelings” with her only female co-star, Kellee Stewart.

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