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Abductees Declare War On Aliens

UFO expert <B>Terry Floyd Johnson</B> says there's a major war happening between abductees and the aliens who snatch them.

UFO expert Terry Floyd Johnson says there's a major war happening between abductees and the aliens who snatch them.

Monday, July 12, 2010 0:47 GMT

LONG BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Alien abductees aren’t taking it lying down anymore – they’ve just declared war on extraterrestrials.

According to UFO researcher Terry Floyd Johnson, there’s been an intergalactic battle brewing between ETs and the “primitives” they abduct for the past nine months.

Johnson claims the war has intensified in recent days, especially since abductees, known as “Rowdies Rangers,” made a major move.

Johnson says that on the 4th of July, abductees banded together to destroy a bunch of top-secret bases belonging to aliens because the ETs were planning on attacking Earth first.

The ufologist – who claims he’s been abducted hundreds of times himself – says the “preemptive strike” is a new phase of war between humans and aliens, and things could get real ugly.

To bulk up their manpower, Johnson and Rowdies Rangers plan on recruiting more abductees for their clan.

He says the training process will take about a year, but the fulfillment of protecting the human race will last forever.

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