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Channel Michael Jackson's Ghost Today (Jun. 25)

It seems like today (Jun. 25) is the perfect day for fans to try to channel the spirit of <B>Michael Jackson.</B>

It seems like today (Jun. 25) is the perfect day for fans to try to channel the spirit of Michael Jackson.

Friday, June 25, 2010 1:15 GMT

NEW ORLEANS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Today (Jun. 25) marks one year since Michael Jackson’s death, and fans may want to try contacting him.

Paranormal researcher Gina Lanier says The King Of Pop’s death anniversary is prime time to channel Michael through a seance because his energy will be present around the globe.

She believes hundreds of fans will break out the Ouija board for this today because the game is “a doorway to the other side.”

Once they’ve made contact, Lanier anticipates curious fans will ask MJ questions about his death and what he’s been up to ever since.

For optimal seance success, Lanier suggests superfans hold items that once belonged to Jackson, such as clothing. Having a crystal ball, mirror, or bowl filled with water may also aid in seeing Jacko’s ghost.

Although many will be summoning MJ at once, Lanier says it’s possible for him to communicate with everyone simultaneously.

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