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Spitting Really Pays Off

In a watermelon seed competition, spitting sure pays off.

In a watermelon seed competition, spitting sure pays off.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:46 GMT

LULING, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – While some prefer to swallow, spitting is where the money is at.

At least that’s the case at the 57th Annual Watermelon Thump happening tomorrow (Jun. 24) through Sunday (Jun. 27) in Luling, Texas.

The event will bring folks from all over to compete in a watermelon seed spitting championship, where the person who spits a seed the furthest wins and walks away with a hefty grand prize of $500.

However, the real serious contenders will be aiming to break the current record – which stands at 68-feet and nine-and- one-eighth-inches and was set in 1989 – because that’s where the big bucks really are.

Chairman Jamie Nickells explains, “If someone breaks the record they get $1,000. The event is so popular we have to do a lottery or else there would be 100 people spitting. That would be fun but too lengthy.”

To get the seeds flying, some try taking a running start while others roll their tongue and launch.

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