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Piers Morgan Mesmerized By Sexy Picasso

America's Got Talent,Piers Morgan,Picasso,weird

America's Got Talent,Piers Morgan,Picasso,weird

Thursday, May 27, 2010 1:32 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan was recently mesmerized by one titillating talent.

Morgan, who’s seen it all over the years on AGT, says his favorite act of the current season – which premieres June 1 on NBC – was an attractive woman who walked out on stage “in a leather catsuit and began painting like Picasso.

The sexy artist left him captivated, as many of the peculiar auditions for the show often do.

He’s used to judging the stranger acts by now, but is getting a kick out of watching new AGT judge Howie Mandel react to the more bizarre “talent,” like a guy who blew up his underwear using gun powder.

Besides the weird, Morgan assures that the latest season also boasts plenty of winners.

He claims the talent pool has never been better or more diverse, so audiences can expect a varied mix of singers, dancers, magicians, and “unusual acts.”

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