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Quit Facebook On May 31

Sick of Facebook's shady privacy policies? Then quit the social networking website on May 31.

Sick of Facebook's shady privacy policies? Then quit the social networking website on May 31.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 2:55 GMT

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Facebook may have far less friends come May 31 – it’s officially “Quit Facebook Day.”

Web technologist Joseph Dee and his pal Matthew Milan are urging Facebook users to delete their profile pages that day to protest Facebook’s shady privacy policies.

Dee believes the social networking giant is being careless with users’ personal data, making it way too publicly accessible.

In addition, he says their wordy, ever-growing privacy policy makes it tough for users to understand what they’re really opting into by giving Facebook their private information.

Dee argues that people must be “eased” into sharing their info online, not blindly pushed into it.

He admits that quitting the addictive site will be difficult for some, but switching to Twitter could help curb relapses. As of press time, 3,879 people have pledged to quit cold turkey.

Although Facebook makes it easy to connect with others, Dee figures that if relationships can’t survive off Facebook, they lack real depth to begin with.

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