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Was 1930s Nancy Drew A Lesbian?

Was Nancy Drew -- shown here all tied up in the original 1930 <I>Mystery At Lilac Inn</I> -- secretly a lesbian?

Was Nancy Drew -- shown here all tied up in the original 1930 Mystery At Lilac Inn -- secretly a lesbian?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 17:33 GMT

DAVIS, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Judging by the original 1930s Nancy Drew mysteries, the amateur detective may have had a thing for girls.

That’s the argument a writer named “Destiny” explores in his new 10 Zen Monkeys article, Nancy Drew’s Sexy Secrets.

Destiny says it’s possible Nancy Drew liked the ladies due to the “sexy lesbian bondage overtones” in many of her original stories like The Hidden Staircase and The Mystery At Lilac Inn.

Destiny says the outdated language makes it sound as though the sleuth could swing that way, along with other “subtle hints.”

At different points Nancy shares a bed with a girl, admires lingerie with another, gets tied up, and even kisses a gal pal.

Destiny believes the lesbian references could’ve been the sneaky work of underpaid Nancy Drew ghostwriters “playing a little joke on their employer.”

Regardless, he wouldn’t be surprised if Nancy was a lesbian, since she never did seal the deal with that Ned Nickerson.

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