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`Community' Star Plays Indian Dad Prank

Yvette Nicole Brown (left) recently got pranked by her <I>Community</I> co-star Danny Pudi (right) on the set. Photos: NBC.

Yvette Nicole Brown (left) recently got pranked by her Community co-star Danny Pudi (right) on the set. Photos: NBC.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 1:24 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If Community star Danny Pudi points out his dad to you, always think twice before going over to say hello.

That’s the lesson co-star Yvette Nicole Brown learned one day on the set of the NBC comedy.

Pudi spotted a “tall, handsome Indian man with a thick moustache” amongst the extras and gave him the requisite nod, since, in his words, “Anytime there’s another Indian in the room you have to give each other the nod.”

When Brown saw the exchange, Pudi decided to play a little practical joke on his admittedly “gullible” co-star.

Says Brown: “He was like, ‘Yvette, that’s my dad.’ And of course because I’m a big fan of Danny and anyone who made him, I got excited and walked over to say hi.”

Pudi attempted to stop her, but what ensued was a “weird, awkward conversation” between Brown and the extra.

More funny backstage tales can be heard on the season one DVD of Community, out September 21.

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