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Indie Musician Strives To Beat Heidi Montag

Indie musician <B>The Zax</B> has a mission: To sell more albums than <B>Heidi Montag</B> did with her dud `Superficial.'

Indie musician The Zax has a mission: To sell more albums than Heidi Montag did with her dud `Superficial.'

Friday, July 16, 2010 1:09 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Selling more albums than tabloid target Heidi Montag can’t be that hard, and one man is making that his mission.

Rion Harmon, who performs indie dance pop under the name “The Zax,” has made it his personal goal to sell more copies of his CD “Love” than The Hills’ starlet sold of her debut album, “Superficial.”

That shouldn’t be too tough, since Montag’s dud only sold 658 copies.

Currently, Harmon is right on her tail with 173 copies sold without having spent millions to make his album like she did.

He says, “It’s definitely beatable, and hopefully people rally around the cause. I’m just a normal person who loves making music, and the fact that I can compete with someone like Heidi Montag in record sales is just ridiculous.”

Harmon thinks those who buy his album will be rewarded twofold because they’ll be helping him take down Montag while also getting a collection of “fun, good time” jams.

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