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Is Gen. McChrystal Down With Hip Music?

Is <B>General Stanley McChrystal</B> a fan of the old, quirky folk duo, <B>Hill Of Beans</B> (left)? The famous <I>Rolling Stone</I> article seems to imply

Is General Stanley McChrystal a fan of the old, quirky folk duo, Hill Of Beans (left)? The famous Rolling Stone article seems to imply that.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 1:40 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – General Stanley McChrystal is being bashed for his comments in Rolling Stone magazine, but really, he’s one cool dude.

In terms of his taste in music, at least.

Musician Steve Moramarco – half of the former folk duo Hill Of Beans, which was popular on college campuses in the ’80s and ’90s – believes McChrystal and his team reference one of HOB’s old songs in the infamous Rolling Stone article.

There’s a part where McChrystal and his crew do an Irish jig and sing “Afghanistan! Afghanistan!” – just like the chorus of the underground HOB hit, “Afghanistan.”

Moramarco says the retiring Army general has to be incredibly “hip” to know the Irish/Afghan song, since it was only cool on college radio and takes a humorous stance on politics.

Moramarco is thinking about reuniting Hill Of Beans and letting their famous fan join the band now that McChrystal needs a new job.

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