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Oddly-Named Natural History Shop Concerns Wives

The Bone Room in California is a natural history shop, not a brothel.

The Bone Room in California is a natural history shop, not a brothel.

Monday, June 28, 2010 0:32 GMT

BERKELEY, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One innocent little shop in Berkeley, California, is causing big problems with wives.

The Bone Room is a natural history store that sells fossils, taxidermy, and other artifacts from eons past and offers classes on subjects relating to ancient times and creatures.

However, the name of the shop is somewhat misleading.

Spokeswoman Erin Kerrigan says, “About once a month we get a call, usually from a wife who’s very concerned after getting their phone or credit card bill.”

The wives pry shop workers with questions like “What is this place?” and “What do you sell?” to find out why their husbands are buying anything from somewhere called “The Bone Room.”

Once Kerrigan explains what the store is all about, she says there’s “lots of relief” on the other end of the receiver.

Despite the confusion, Kerrigan assures there are no plans to change the store’s name since they have absolutely “nothing to hide.”

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