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`Twilight' Inspires Baby Names

The popular <I>Twilight</I> characters are changing the way parents name their babies.

The popular Twilight characters are changing the way parents name their babies.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 1:39 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There are going to be lots of Jacobs, Bellas, and Cullens crawling around in the next few years.

Twilight has become a major pop culture phenomenon, and Linda Rosenkrantz of the baby name website Nameberry.com says the popularity of the vampire series has had a huge impact on how parents name their children.

Though Jacob and Isabella were popular names long before the books and movies came out, Rosenkrantz has seen more parents naming their babies after smaller Twilight characters.

For example, the names Cullen, Esme, Embry, Felix, Emmett, and Jasper have seen a significant boost in searches on Nameberry.

Rosenkrantz explains, “More people are looking at these names than ever before. I’m sure Esme will appear on the Social Security’s list of names a lot next year.”

The Twilight names will be even more prevalent in the next 10 or so years when teenage fans of the series start having babies.

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