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Designer Sends Hat To Shamed Duchess Of York

This fancy hat should make shamed <B>Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson</B> feel all better. Hold your head high, <B>Fergie.</B>

This fancy hat should make shamed Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson feel all better. Hold your head high, Fergie.

Friday, May 28, 2010 1:47 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Despite Sarah Ferguson’s shameful scandal, one designer is tipping his hat to the Duchess of York.

Keith Holman, who creates lavish hats and turbans for powerful women like Liz Taylor and Camilla Parker Bowles, is determined to cheer Fergie up after she’s been bashed all week for offering an undercover reporter access to Prince Andrew in exchange for $40,000.

Holman, who got wind of Fergie’s scandal from his longtime client, Jacqueline Stallone, has decided to create a custom hat for the Duchess to make her feel better, because, as he puts it, “We all make mistakes.”

He’s hired a hatmaker to carry out an elegant design featuring luxurious materials like white satin, black Marabou feathers, and vintage, rare Egret feathers.

Holman thinks the hat fits Fergie’s fun personality and says there’s nothing like a fabulous accessory to help a woman bounce back from humiliation.

Once the royal gets it, she’ll want to hold her head high again.

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