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God As Moody As A Teenage Girl

What's that crazy God up to right now? Probably <b>making</b>people do stupid stuff.

What's that crazy God up to right now? Probably makingpeople do stupid stuff.

Monday, May 24, 2010 0:35 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – By the looks of one advanced charting system, God appears to have more mood swings than a teenage girl.

Marc Hartzman, author of God Made Me Do It (SourceBooks), has launched, which pulls people’s God-related tweets straight from Twitter.

Hartzman says “God made me do it” has long been the go-to excuse for idiots worldwide who blame the Lord for their bizarre antics.

God’s “work” can be seen daily because people often tweet about their interactions with Him.

Based on what God is “making” people do – like one woman who tweeted that the Messiah made her shake her butt at a club – God’s mood is charted from “bad” and “smiteful,” to “benevolent- ish,” and “good.”

According to the latest graph, Hartzman says God is behaving rather badly.

Case-in-point: A Louisiana man was arrested for strolling naked last week and claimed God told him it would “save his soul.”

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