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Lindsay Lohan Will Have To Spread `Em

Speaking from experience, former Hollywood madam <B>Jody `Babydol' Gibson</B> says Lynwood jail is going to be a real pain in the butt for <B>Linday

Speaking from experience, former Hollywood madam Jody `Babydol' Gibson says Lynwood jail is going to be a real pain in the butt for Linday Lohan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 1:00 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Things are about to become a real pain in the butt for Lindsay Lohan.

The troublemaking tabloid fixture is heading to Lynwood jail on July 20 and former Hollywood supermadam Jody “Babydol” Gibson knows exactly what Lohan can expect there because she spent time in that very same clink.

According to Gibson, Lohan’s first 24 hours won’t sit so well because the actress will have to go through an extremely invasive strip search upon entering.

She explains, “They will literally ask her to bend over and spread her bottom open. A female butch guard is going to inspect her genitalia with a flashlight.”

If Lohan had any shame before showing up to the pokey, Gibson assures she “will have no shame” after undergoing the “intense” strip search.

If security guards feel like picking on Lohan, Gibson says they can subject her to another search at any given point, even at three in the morning.

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