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`Jedi Church' Leader Lands Own Reality Show

Daniel Morgan Jones, leader of the <I>Star Wars</I> Church Of Jediism, is exposing his life as a religious ruler in a new reality show.

Daniel Morgan Jones, leader of the Star Wars Church Of Jediism, is exposing his life as a religious ruler in a new reality show.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 1:18 GMT

ANGLESEY, Wales (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The young leader behind a famous Star Wars-inspired church is finally getting real.

Daniel Morgan Jones may only be a 23-year-old software processor living in his parents’ home in Wales, but he has a world of responsibility on his shoulders as the fearless leader of the Church of Jediism, a group that spreads the philosophy of the Jedi religion.

Now, Morgan is inviting folks to see how he juggles his role as religious leader while living a regular life with a reality show titled, Life In The Force Lane.

He’s filming the show himself using webcams and his camera phone, and will be posting episodes on YouTube by mid- August.

Jones says he’s opening up his private life to “show history in the making” and adds, “It’s not everyday a religion is developed and hits the world by storm. I figure everyone should have the option to see what goes on.”

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