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Man Gets Aliens From Venus To Stop BP Oil Spill

UFO researcher <B>Andrew Reiss</B> is getting his lifelong alien friends from planet Venus to help stop the BP oil spill.

UFO researcher Andrew Reiss is getting his lifelong alien friends from planet Venus to help stop the BP oil spill.

Friday, July 2, 2010 0:31 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One man is counting on a little help from his alien friends to finally stop the BP oil spill.

Since 1959, UFO researcher Andrew Reiss claims he’s been in constant “telepathic contact” with aliens from Venus, primarily a Venusian leader named Captain Vor.

Reiss says Captain Vor first communicated with him via images on his television set, but now mostly appears as a beam of blue light.

Over the years, Reiss has built a strong rapport with the Venusian, so now he’s calling in a favor.

He’s asked Captain Vor and his crew to use their advanced technology and intelligence to plug the oil leaks in the Gulf Of Mexico starting on the Fourth Of July, or “Independence Bay,” as Reiss calls it.

The project will consist of multiple phases, including restoring the damaged fauna on the Gulf’s ocean floor and creating a massive “sea storm” to sweep the water clean of oil.

Reiss says efforts will only take 16 Venus days, as opposed to 60 Earth days.

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