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BP's Tony Hayward Goes Down The Toilet

BP CEO <B>Tony Hayward's</B> face is now featured on toilet paper rolls. At least his two-ply cleans up leaks.

BP CEO Tony Hayward's face is now featured on toilet paper rolls. At least his two-ply cleans up leaks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:46 GMT

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Those who are pissed off at Tony Hayward can now take their own sizeable dump on the BP CEO.

Robbie Weinberg, of custom urinal screen company PGWiz.com, has created a roll of toilet paper featuring Hayward’s face and the phrase: “He took a crap on your way of life, then went sailing. Now it’s your turn.”

The zinger is a reference to Hayward’s latest screw-up, when he took a break from the Gulf oil spill to go sailing on a yacht.

Now, the inept CEO can freely float in toilets.

Weinberg thinks it’s only fair for angry citizens to wipe their butts with the exec.

He wants to put the TP in common places like truck stops and diners to get folks thinking about the oil disaster and what it means for our ecosystem.

Unlike Hayward, the two-ply toilet paper is actually effective at cleaning up leaks. Proceeds from sales will directly benefit spill victims.

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