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Paranormal Expert Dreams Of Owning `Amityville Horror' House

British paranormal researcher Dean Maynard dreams of owning the deed to the spooky <i>Amityville Horror</i> house in Long Island.

British paranormal researcher Dean Maynard dreams of owning the deed to the spooky Amityville Horror house in Long Island.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 3:06 GMT

NEWCASTLE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The “Amityville Horror” house is back on the market and one man is dying to own it.

Paranormal expert Dean Maynard has always been fascinated by the famous Long Island home where Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered his family in 1974.

Over the years, he’s attempted to conduct paranormal research inside by begging past owners to let him stay the night.

He’s been denied entry but has new hope now that the house is up for sale again.

Maynard’s dream is to win the lottery and buy the property himself, but if that doesn’t happen, he hopes to convince the new owners to let him inside “for five minutes” to investigate.

Though the house is supposedly no longer haunted, Maynard wants to be sure by conducting a seance.

He thinks professional ghost hunters from around the world should chip in to turn the $1.15 million home into their very own “Amityville timeshare.”

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