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Maria Kanellis Causes Stink On `Celebrity Apprentice'

Maria Kanellis gave the straight poop on <i>The Celebrity Apprentice</i> and sadly, it lead to her firing.

Maria Kanellis gave the straight poop on The Celebrity Apprentice and sadly, it lead to her firing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:45 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – WWE diva Maria Kanellis didn’t mean to cause such a stink on The Celebrity Apprentice.

She was abruptly fired by Donald Trump this past Sunday (May 16) after making a crack about how fellow contestant chef Curtis Stone had taken a huge, smelly dump in a nearby bathroom.

Kanellis says it was “supposed to be a joke” and was let down bigtime when she was axed over it, especially since “far worse things” have been said in Trump’s boardroom.

She says things were pretty awkward between her and Stone after she called out his killer bowels, but they’ve since worked out their differences.

She doesn’t think she ruined his heartthrob status with her crappy comment because if anything, Stone screwed himself with the ladies.

Kanellis says she “can’t stand a hot man who’s arrogant,” and thinks Stone’s Australian accent is the reason he comes off so cocky.

The Celebrity Apprentice season finale airs Sunday (May 23) on NBC.

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