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Scalp Tattoos Cure Baldness

Baldies rejoice! These special head tattoos give you back a full head of hair.

Baldies rejoice! These special head tattoos give you back a full head of hair.

Monday, May 10, 2010 17:39 GMT

BIRMINGHAM, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A special, strategically-placed tattoo could help baldies finally get ahead.

At HIS hair loss clinic in Birmingham, England, bald guys can get their cueball inked to make it appear as if there’s hair up there.

HIS has created a new cure for male baldness with a scalp pigmentation technique that fills in fellas’ sparse spots with tattoos that look like locks.

Men have their heads inked in the same shading style used at tattoo parlors, providing a permanent fix that beats all other methods of hiding bald spots.

Creator Ian Watson says the dome tats look “completely natural,” like real hair.

He believes they’re better than toupees, hair growth medication, and hair plugs, which can be expensive and look completely awful.

Watson encourages baldies who choose to get the head tattoo to ditch their combover and get a buzzcut prior to the procedure because that hairstyle is much easier to blend in with ink.

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