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Moms Do It Wild Style

Moms gone wild: Wildlife moms, like the Black Bear, are incredibly devoted to their young.

Moms gone wild: Wildlife moms, like the Black Bear, are incredibly devoted to their young.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 17:06 GMT

YARROWSBURG, Md. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The amount of work wildlife moms do for their young is, well, wild.

According to David Mizejewski, naturalist for the National Wildlife Federation, most wildlife moms deserve props on Mother’s Day (May 9) for being so devoted.

He says wildlife moms do it all for their wee ones, often times without help from a male.

Bears, for instance, do what he calls “extreme mothering,” starving themselves in order to hibernate and deliver their cubs in warm, safe spaces.

After that, they feed and protect their babies for years to come.

Meanwhile, alligator moms build nests for their eggs and guard them intently from predators. Mizejewski says they’re one of the only reptiles who actually fend for their young.

Then there are whales, giraffes, and elephants who give birth to babies weighing hundreds of pounds au naturel.

Mizejewski says mammals and birds invest lots of effort into caring for their children so their species can survive.

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