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`Butch Bakery' Whips Up Manly Cupcakes

`Butch Bakery' in New York specializes in manly cupcakes made just for dudes.

`Butch Bakery' in New York specializes in manly cupcakes made just for dudes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 0:47 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Standard cupcakes may be cute and sweet, but one bakery is “butching up” the girly treats.

Former Wall Street lawyer David Arrick runs “Butch Bakery” out of a commercial kitchen in New York, a baking business that sells macho cupcakes geared towards men.

Instead of pink frosting and sprinkles, Arrick sells bigger, badder cupcakes like the “Driller” – a maple treat topped with crumbled bacon – and cupcakes soaked with rum, brandy, whiskey, and beer.

They’re topped with chocolate discs featuring manly colors and patterns like camo, houndstooth, and plaid.

Arrick says dudes will never have to feel girly eating some dainty little cupcake again, and sees his snacks becoming tailgate or poker night staples.

In fact, he’s already heard of guys pairing up his whiskey cupcakes with cigars and scarfing them down while watching football.

Arrick plans to open a Butch Bakery storefront in New York soon to serve as a “man cave” where dudes can gather to snack.

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