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New Makeover Show Literally `Shocks' Contestants

British fashion expert <B>Louise Roe</B> says her new makeover show on The CW, <I>Plain Jane,</I> is truly shocking. As in, they shock contestants with a zapper

British fashion expert Louise Roe says her new makeover show on The CW, Plain Jane, is truly shocking. As in, they shock contestants with a zapper device.

Friday, July 16, 2010 1:09 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s a shocker: TV’s latest reality makeover show is actually quite electrifying.

That’s the scoop from British fashion expert Louise Roe, host of Plain Jane premiering July 28 on The CW, a series where she uses her style skills to transform mousy ladies into bonafide babes.

Roe admits she enjoys the “date training” portion of the makeovers the most, where women are given lessons on mingling with men.

They must apply all of the fashion and confidence tips she’s given them, and if they break a rule, they’re lightly electrocuted by a device strapped to their ankle dubbed “The Zapper.”

Roe says the mini jolt may sound harsh, but it’s very funny to watch. Plus, it serves as a “gentle reminder” to follow her rules.

The fashionista says she swears by Spanx, cocktail rings, bright high heels, and one-shoulder red dresses to truly boost a woman’s game.

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