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Cavaliers Fans Can Cast Revenge Spells On LeBron James

Spellcaster and author <B>Claudia R. Dillaire</B> says angry <B>Cavaliers</B> fans can turn to ancient Egyptian spells to get revenge on <B>LeBron

Spellcaster and author Claudia R. Dillaire says angry Cavaliers fans can turn to ancient Egyptian spells to get revenge on LeBron James.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 1:00 GMT

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Scorned Cleveland Cavaliers fans could try getting back at LeBron James from the sidelines by casting old spells on him.

Practicing pagan Claudia R. Dillaire, author of Egyptian Revenge Spells (Ten Speed Press), says sports nuts who are angry at James for signing with the Miami Heat could use ancient Egyptian rituals to get modern payback on the basketball star.

For instance, Dillaire says a spell called “Chaos Shall Reign” involving lilac, pine, salt, thistle, and turmeric could disrupt James’ new life in Miami, making it hard for him to find a house and really settle in.

Another spell dubbed “Stress Someone Out” can give James a string of bad luck so that he loses his focus and precision on the court.

But for real revenge, Dillaire suggests Cleveland fanatics cast a spell on their hometeam instead.

She says the “Jump Any Hurdles” ritual using crabgrass could give the Cavaliers the drive to win the championship next year – without King James.

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