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Playing Chess Can Cause Orgasms?

Checkmate: This kinky game of chess is known to give players explosive orgasms.

Checkmate: This kinky game of chess is known to give players explosive orgasms.

Thursday, July 1, 2010 1:34 GMT

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – How’s this for exciting: Playing chess could cause amazing orgasms.

Lovechess Salvage is a brand new computer game that mixes chess with hardcore erotica by turning all the chess pieces into scantily-clad men and women.

When the Queen is conquered, the pieces celebrate by having sex with each coital movement being controlled by the player. If done just right, it all ends with an explosive orgasm.

Game designer Auke Veenstra says couples use the racy chess match as foreplay just before knockin’ boots.

He explains, “There are 35 positions that the pieces do, so they play to get in the mood or to get inspiration for things to try out during sex.”

But players should proceed with caution before trying all of the naughty sex scenes at home.

Veenstra says many are so complicated and hard to pull off, someone could “break their back” trying. However, he admits they “could be fun” for those who’ve done lots of yoga.

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