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Michael Jackson Killed For Cash?

Was <B>Michael Jackson</B> killed for cash on this day (Jun. 25) last year? Medium Bonnie Vent seems to think so.

Was Michael Jackson killed for cash on this day (Jun. 25) last year? Medium Bonnie Vent seems to think so.

Friday, June 25, 2010 1:15 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It looks like the official cause of Michael Jackson’s death is actually corporate corruption.

A year after his death (Jun. 25) people are still speculating Jackson’s strange passing, but psychic medium Bonnie Vent has answers straight from the source.

Vent claims she’s communicated with Jackson from beyond the grave and has been doing her own investigation into his death.

In the end, she thinks corporate corruption and greed took his life.

Vent has reason to suspect that former Sony Records CEO Tommy Mottola and other powerful bigwigs had a hand in Jackson’s death in order to gain possession of the extensive musical catalog owned by The King of Pop, including the music of The Beatles.

Vent says other companies like AEG have also profited from the scam, but curiously, many involved in the shady dealing have died along the way.

She’s coming forward with the information, despite fearing her safety, because she feels it’s her purpose to help MJ.

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