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Man Designs New Outfit For Bubbles The Chimp

<B>Michael Jackson's</B> beloved chimp, <B>Bubbles,</B> is getting a designer outfit made from the same exact fabric used for <B>MJ's</B> iconic costumes
in the '80s.

Michael Jackson's beloved chimp, Bubbles, is getting a designer outfit made from the same exact fabric used for MJ's iconic costumes in the '80s.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:46 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Michael Jackson’s beloved chimp, Bubbles, is getting a little something to remember MJ by.

Fashion designer Keith Holman worked with Bill Whitten and Jackson himself on the King Of Pop’s iconic costumes and glove in the mid-80s.

Through the process, he collected many leftover scraps from MJ’s costumes and is now using that fabric to design an outfit for Bubbles The Chimp, Jackson’s longtime companion who lives at an ape sanctuary in Florida.

Holman plans to make a Michael-inspired military jacket, baseball cap, and possibly a glove for the primate and present the duds to him in person.

He thinks Bubbles will recognize the old fabric from MJ’s original costumes – mostly leather, metal, and gabardine – since he was there during their original creation.

Holman recalls Bubbles running around their workspace and the “inseparable bond” he had with Jackson. He figures the remastered threads will help Bubbles honor all those good times he and MJ had together.

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