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How Much Do Favorite TV Dads Make?

How much do these favorite TV dads of the past and present -- <B>Jed Clampett, Phil Dunphy, and Cliff Huxtable</B> -- make for a living?

How much do these favorite TV dads of the past and present -- Jed Clampett, Phil Dunphy, and Cliff Huxtable -- make for a living?

Monday, June 7, 2010 0:39 GMT

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The richest dad on TV to date is hillbilly-turned-oil tycoon Jed Clampett.

In today’s money, his 1962 fortune would be worth $250 million according to Al Lee of payscale.com, the leading online provider of employee compensation data.

Lee rounded up data exclusively for FlashNews showing what TV dads of both past and present would make annually at their onscreen jobs.

Here’s the rich dad, poor dad scoop:

  • Los Angeles-based real estate agent Phil Dunphy from Modern Family makes $86,400, while Glee’s dad-to-be Puck makes a measly $8.40 an hour as a part-time stock clerk at a housewares retailer.

  • Chiropractor Dr. Alan J. Harper of Two And A Half Men rakes in $62,300.

  • Nuclear power plant safety inspector Homer Simpson makes $59,000. If he were an actual machine operator, Lee says Homer could make another $10,000.

  • Obstetrician Cliff Huxtable: $178,000.

  • Architect Mike Brady: $60,800

  • Bandleader Ricky Ricardo: $47,600.

  • Shoe salesman Al Bundy: $9.30/hour.

  • Sports reporter Ray Barone: $30,600.

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