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Molly Shannon Recalls Neighbor From Hell

<B>Molly Shannon</B> plays animated demon <B>Tina Hellman</B> in the new TBS series, <I>Neighbors From Hell.</I> The actress admits to having one particularly
hellish neighbor as a kid growing up in NYC.

Molly Shannon plays animated demon Tina Hellman in the new TBS series, Neighbors From Hell. The actress admits to having one particularly hellish neighbor as a kid growing up in NYC.

Friday, June 4, 2010 1:50 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Growing up in New York, actress Molly Shannon was bound to have at least one neighbor from Hell.

For her latest gig, the former SNL star plays a demon mom from hell in the animated series, Neighbors From Hell, premiering Monday (Jun. 7) on TBS.

While her character, Tina Hellman, is from the actual dark side, Shannon says Tina doesn’t even come close to being as hellish as one cranky neighbor she had in grade school.

As a kid, Shannon recalls living next door to a crotchety old lady she and her friends nicknamed “Witchy Poo.”

Shannon says the woman was always yelling at kids to “get off her lawn” while guzzling down glasses of wine. Witchy Poo would then randomly drunk dial people loud enough for all the neighbors to hear.

Shannon says that was really the only neighbor from hell she’s ever had, pretty good considering how many people live to a building in NYC.

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