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Howie Mandel Roots For Weird Performers

As the new <I>America's Got Talent</I> judge, <B>Howie Mandel</B> vows to vote through only the wackiest acts. Photo courtesy of NBC.

As the new America's Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel vows to vote through only the wackiest acts. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Thursday, May 27, 2010 1:32 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – As a new judge on America’s Got Talent, funnyman Howie Mandel is rooting for the weirder performers.

Mandel, who’s replaced David Hasselhoff on AGT, is happily “embracing” his new gig – and all of the “craziness” that comes with it.

He thinks we need more unusual performers in entertainment these days, so he’s inclined to vote through the sillier acts on AGT.

The comic is a huge fan of quirky performers like Andy Kaufman and Tiny Tim, who, in his opinion, proved that weird can work in showbiz.

But his offbeat taste in talent isn’t sitting well with veteran AGT judge Piers Morgan.

Because of their differing opinions, Mandel says things will get pretty “heated” on the panel this season.

He says his main thrill in life is to annoy Morgan and his ultimate goal is to “get slapped” by the crabby Brit on TV.

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