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Build Your Own `Jersey Shore' Doll

Regular Joes can build their very own custom Italian stallion figurine inspired by

Regular Joes can build their very own custom Italian stallion figurine inspired by "Jersey Shore" at

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:45 GMT

OXFORD, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One toy company in Connecticut can turn any dull dudes into a bonafide Italian stallion. has just launched a line of talking, custom- made Jersey Shore action figures.

Creator Emil Vicale says guys can send in their picture and a 12-inch doll will be made in their image, only with extra muscles, abs, and a “blow-out” hairdo just like the guys from Jersey Shore.

From there, customers can continue to “Build-A- Gumba” – or Italian pal – by adding custom tattoos, gold chains, or an iPhone to their figure.

Vicale says they’ll even add a crowbar or baseball bat, which in his words, “Most good Italians have in their trunk.”

To truly become a manly paisano, Vicale suggests dropping an additional $19.95 on a “braciola” – a big ol’ hunk of meat that makes the toy “anatomically correct” below the belt.

Vicale plans to eventually offer spray tans on the dolls as well as female figurines featuring the signature Jersey “poof” hairdo.

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