Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Americans Scream For Ice Cream – And Sneak And Connive As Well

MINNEAPOLIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Americans scream for ice cream – and they’re willing to sneak around for it as well.

According to an ice cream index by Pillsbury, 20 percent of adults admit they have secretly snuck some ice cream when their significant other wasn’t around, so that they wouldn’t find out.

That’s bad enough, but lots of Americans are willing to do some downright gross things to their ice cream. For instance, 54 percent scrape the bottom of the bowl with a spoon to get the last bit of ice cream out, and five percent actually lick the bowl.

And get this: 14 percent let their pet lick the bowl clean.

Finally, one percent of Americans have mixed potato chips into their ice cream and the same percentage has also tried blending pickles and ketchup as well.

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