Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Guiltiest Housewives Haven’t Cheated

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Would you believe that the housewives that feel the most guilt about cheating on their hubbies are the ones that haven’t actually done it – yet.

That’s what authors Stephanie Gertler and Adrienne Lopez discovered while interviewing suburban housewives for a new book, To Love, Honor And Betray (Hyperion).

They interviewed 65 ladies and were surprised that the women who felt the most guilt about having an affair were the ones who were merely fantasizing about it and hadn’t actually cheated.

Gertler figures that’s because the ladies who were merely contemplating getting some on the side had unlimited fantasies as well as fear about what their desires implied about their marriage.

But the housewives who actually cheated weren’t so desperate and many figured they would cheat again because the buzz they got from affairs was so addictive.

Also, many cheating chicks feel extramarital romps save their marriages by supplying what’s missing in their primary relationships.

Even so, Gertler says most cheating wives would stop catting around if their hubbies would simply say, “Tell me what I’m not doing right.”

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