Friday, February 20, 2009

Rap Music To Blame For Chris Brown’s Violence?

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – With speculation that the violent fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna may not be their first abusive exchange, one university professor wonders if rap music is to blame.

Ralph DiClemente, professor of public health at Emory University, has conducted studies on the affects rap music has on black females, and he’s found that the misogynistic lyrics and videos in some rap songs have a huge affect on relationships between young African Americans.

He believes rap music that celebrates men who cheat, beat, and treat their ladies badly “sets a tone and norm,” and since Brown and Rihanna are part of that culture, it may be the root of their problems.

He adds, “It sounds like Chris Brown did really mean things to Rihanna, and it makes you think whether art is imitating life or if art is dictating reality.”

DiClemente is positive that this isn’t the first violent incident between the pop stars, and fears fans will follow suit.

He laments, “Women who see what happened to Rihanna may feel like it confirms that lifestyle and will be more tolerant of abuse.”

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