Friday, February 20, 2009

Buck Wolf’s Weird News Central: Dan Aykroyd’s Cheesy Blunder

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Nobody has ever enjoyed a can of spray-on Cheez Whiz – and that’s a fact.

You see, Cheez Whiz has never come in a spray-on can, though most Americans are convinced otherwise thanks to Dan Aykroyd.

That’s because in his 1980 classic, Blues Brothers, an old man asks Aykroyd, “Did you get my Cheez Whiz, boy?” and Aykroyd tosses the geezer a can of spray-on cheese.

However, the can isn’t Cheez Whiz, it’s Easy Cheese – another Kraft product that’s languished for years in Cheez Whiz’s shadow.

Buck Wolf of’s Weird News Central settled this long-running Internet debate with the help of Kraft historians, and today (Feb. 20), Aykryod has promised to tell the whole cheesy story to Wolf in an interview.

Says Wolf: “I’m going to heat up a jar of Cheez Whiz – because you can only get that stuff in a glass jar or plastic squeeze bottle – pour it over nachos, and find out how Aykroyd bamboozled an entire nation.”

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