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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You may have thought Robin Williams’ movie Flubber was hilarious, but it was no laughing matter for a toy company that actually tried to manufacture the goop.

In 1963 the Hasbro toy company tried to capitalize on the hit Disney movie, Son Of Flubber, by marketing a silly putty- like product called “Flubber.”

According to toy historian G. Wayne Miller, Flubber was advertised as non-toxic, but the FDA started hearing reports that the goo – a mix of synthetic rubber and mineral oil – was causing kids to break out in rashes and get sore throats.

Hasbro immediately recalled the Flubber and prepared to dispose of it. However, when the company tried burying the stuff at sea it floated to the top and when they tried burning the goop, it wouldn’t ignite and only produced noxious black smoke.

The toy manufacturer finally got rid of the Flubber by burying it under a parking lot behind the Hasbro plant in Rhode Island. Reportedly, you can occasionally see Flubber oozing through the parking lot cracks on hot summer days.

Miller is the author of a new book called Toy Wars (Times Books), which hits stores today.

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