Mon 11-10-97


NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Did you ever wonder who invented the leisure suit and what he’s doing now?

The leisure suit was invented in 1970 by designer Jerry Rosengarten, who is now a real estate developer in New York City.

The very first polyester double-knit leisure suit was a reversible navy-blue/houndstooth outfit Rosengarten created to highlight the versatility of double-knits.

Unfortunately, the polyester jacket became known as “the sleaze-ure suit” after second-rate companies started making cheap knockoffs in bizarre colors including powder blue and mint green.

Rosengarten says if the major textile mills had jumped on the polyester bandwagon sooner, leisure suits would still be in style today.

These days, the 52-year-old developer is also helping draw attention to a mysterious reading disorder called Scoptopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS) which makes words look like a jumbled blob.

Rosengarten says almost 33 percent of the population suffers from SSS, which can be diagnosed by using a Rainbow Reader Test Kit (Avery Publishing). The kit contains colored overlays that are placed over text to make it easier to read.

CONTACT: Jerry Rosengarten, ***1/2 (He’ll talk about leisure suits only if he can talk about SSS.); NYC; (212) 242-6464

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