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KEN GRIFFEY JR. 28 (Outfielder with Seattle Mariners.)

TROY AIKMAN 31 (The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has tried to squelch rumors that he’s gay. Troy says that while there’s nothing wrong with being gay, he says he’s not a homosexual and that he’s looking forward to being married with kids.)

ALEXANDER SIDDIG 32 (Actor. Dr. Julian Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His real name is Siddig el Fadil. He was born in Sudan and raised in England.)

BJORK 32 (Singer. Formerly with the Sugarcubes. “Big Time Sensuality” (1992))


LORNA LUFT 45 (Actress. Liza Minnelli is Luft’s half sister.)

GOLDIE HAWN 52 (Actress. She once worked as a can-can dancer at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Giggly Goldie has one of the best bods in Tinseltown, but she won’t bare all for live-in love Kurt Russell. “I don’t get undressed in front of Kurt,” Goldie says. “I just give him glimpses. Mystery makes you flourish. It eroticizes you.” Goldie says mutual respect is the reason her relationship with Kurt Russell has lasted so long. But even though Goldie and Kurt are happy with the arrangement, the kids don’t want the couple to get hitched. Goldie says, “The kids like that we’re happy and they think, ‘Uh oh, don’t get married, that’ll jinx it.”’ Goldie flicks: Bird on a Wire (1990), Overboard (1987))

HAROLD RAMIS 53 (Actor and director. Directed Multiplicity and Groundhog Day. Appeared in Stripes and Ghostbusters)

TWEETY BIRD 55 (The cartoon character debuted in Warner Brother’s “Tale of Two Kitties” on this day in 1942.)

DR. JOHN 57 (’70s “swamp rock” pioneer. “Right Place, Wrong Time” (1973))

MARLO THOMAS 59 (Actress. ’60s TV series That Girl. Mrs. Phil Donahue. Marlo says one of the most useful things she learned as a Girl Scout was how to cook a hamburger on top of a old coffee can.)


• 14 Years Ago Today: Michael Jackson’s Thriller video premiered in Los Angeles. The 14-minute video was directed by John Landis and cost more than $1 million. (1983)

• 17 Years Ago Today: More than 83 million TV viewers tuned in to watch the “Who Shot J.R.” episode of Dallas. At the time, the show was watched by more viewers than any other TV program in history. Kristin Shephard – played by Mary Crosby – fired the shot. (1980)

• 24 Years Ago Today: Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal heated up after the White House announced there was an 18-1/2-minute gap in an important Watergate tape. (1973)

• 29 Years Ago Today: Arlo Guthrie’s classic ’60s song “Alice’s Restaurant” was released. The 22-minute single is a rambling odyssey covering everything from Thanksgiving dinner to litter. The tune was later made into a movie of the same name. (1968)

• 38 Years Ago Today: Jack Benny and Richard Nixon performed a musical duet on TV. Benny played the violin and Nixon played the piano. (1959)

• 208 Years Ago Today: North Carolina became the 12th state. Nickname: Tar Heel State. State Dog: Plott Hound. State Mammal: Grey squirrel. Celebrities Born In North Carolina: David Brinkley (TV journalist); Howard Cosell (former sportscaster); Roberta Flack (singer); Billy Graham (evangelist); Michael Jordan (basketball player); Ronnie Milsap (singer); Soupy Sales (comedian); Randy Travis (singer). (1789)

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