Mon 06-01-98 09:50 am


NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Today is the 60th anniversary of the day Superman first appeared in Action Comics – but you’d never know about based on the lack of media attention.

A DC Comics spokesperson says there was such a big deal over Superman’s 50th birthday in 1988 that the company is laying low for this birthday celebration.

One of the other reasons for the tight lips is that the new Superman film starring Nicolas Cage was supposed to be released in conjunction with the Man of Steel’s 60th birthday – but so far the producers haven’t even finalized a script.

The delays may be aftershocks caused by the infamous “Superman Curse.” The curse reportedly was placed on people involved in Superman movies, TV shows and comics 40 years ago by native Americans who wanted to punish whites for stealing their land.

Some people believe the curse is why Superman TV star George Reeves died under mysterious circumstances in the 1959 and why Reeve was paralyzed during a riding accident in 1995.

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