Wed 01-28-98 10:39 am


STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you thought the tattoo craze couldn’t get any weirder, guess again.

According to Swedish trend expert Prudence Cornetz, tattoos are going to be popular for at least another eight months and she predicts trendy Swedes will soon be tattooing fake eyes on to their eyelids in order to make their eyes look open even when the lids are closed.

Cornetz also predicts concerned parents will begin to tattoo their children with vital information such as blood type or known allergies.

On the other hand, Cornetz says the piercing fad is passe and Scandinavian trendoids have advanced to something called “rippling” where objects such as tiny screws, unpopped popcorn or paper clips are inserted underneath the skin to change the texture.

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