Wed 01-28-98 10:39 am


ROGERS, Ark. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dirty words may become a thing of the past thanks to an Arkansas inventor who has created a new device that actually filters foul language from your TV set.

Inventor Rick Bray says his TV Guardian will electronically mute the sound whenever it detects a naughty word listed in its vocabulary of more than 100 dirty words.

The device has two levels of censoring: tolerant and strict.

The tolerant level allows words like “crap,” “butt,” “suck,” and “screw” to slip through but will eliminate most filthy fare, including the word “damn.”

The strict level erases any trace of profanity, and even bleeps out references to “God” or “Jesus” – even if their names aren’t taken in vain.

The TV Guardian can also purge dirty words from closed captioning and replace them with clean-scrubbed substitutes. The word “sex” becomes “hugs” and “crap” is replaced with “crud.”

The device will be available in a few months and will sell for about $250.

CONTACT: Rick Bray (TV Guardian inventor), *** (very adverse to saying swear words); Rogers, AR; (501) ***-****

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