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WEST SUSSEX, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There may be an answer to recent reports of “flying saucers” engaging in aerial dogfights over Puerto Rico.

A British UFO researcher claims the sightings are actually two rival alien factions waging war to see who will get control of the island.

Raymond Robinson says the war involves the so-called “gray” aliens and a humanoid race called “the Nordics.”

According to Robinson, the war broke out because the United States government secretly traded Puerto Rico to the gray aliens more than 40 years ago in exchange for E.T. technology. What the government didn’t know back then was that the gray aliens are planning to colonize Earth with alien hybrids.

Robinson claims the U.S. has enlisted the help of the Nordic aliens to squash the gray aliens, but so far there’s no clear winner in the battle.

A spokesman for the Puerto Rican Tourism Bureau says he’s unaware of any extraterrestrial wars being waged on the island – but he promises to look into it.

CONTACT: Raymond Robinson, Arrange with Chris Vaccari; NYC; (212) 532-****, ext. 125; John Miller-Monzon, (Puerto Rico Tourist Bureau); NYC; (212) 885-****

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