Wed 10-29-97


BIRATNAGAR, Nepal (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Humans aren’t the only creatures who hold family reunions, abominable snowmen do too.

An English wildlife biologist who claims he’s in contact with a group of abominable snowmen says the yeti are planning on holding a sort of family reunion in January.

Dr. Shaun Wilkins-Doel has studied the Himalayan version of bigfoot for 16 years and says yetis are loners who only meet with each other once every 7 years.

Although the creatures don’t send reunion invitations through mail, Wilkins-Doel says the yetis do send messages using a language of moans. He claims they use various sequences of high-pitched screams to convey the date, time and location of a meeting. One long deep moan is the equivalent of a yeti R.S.V.P.

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