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LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You’ve probably heard about the bizarre blue-vision side effect from taking the impotency drug Viagra. Now comes word of a company that claims its product can somehow alleviate the dreaded “Viagra- Vision.”

The manufacturer of those well-advertised BluBlockers sunglasses claims its amber-tinted glasses can allow Viagra- Vision sufferers to see more clearly by filtering out blue light.

But the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which first discovered the so-called “Viagra Vision” side effect, is doubtful the drugstore sunglasses will make any difference.

Spokesperson Dr. Michael F. Marmor says the blue vision is caused by a chemical process inside the eye, so it’s “very unlikely” a pair of sunglasses will eliminate the effect.

Despite the skeptical scientists, the company says it’s planning on marketing a special $14.95 “BluBlockers Viagra” model which will wrap around both eyes.

CONTACT: Joseph Sugarman (BluBlockers), ***; Arrange thru Bruce Merrin; Las Vegas, NV; (702) 367-0331; Dr. Michael Marmor, ***; Arrange thru Michelle Stephens; San Francisco, CA; (415) ***- ****, ext. 221

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