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FAIRFIELD, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Have you ever heard the rumor that Wonder Woman is a lesbian? Well, wonder no more.

The artist who draws Wonder Woman says she’s heterosexual and celibate to boot.

Comic book artist John Byrne says Wonder Woman’s creator, William Marston, wanted Wonder Woman to be heterosexual from the git-go, which is why he made the Amazon princess fall head over heels for hunky Steve Trevor.

Unfortunately, adding romance to superhero antics didn’t really work and Trevor ended up being a male version of Lois Lane – a wimp always waiting to be saved from disaster.

About 10 years ago DC Comics revamped the character and took out the romance entirely, leaving Wonder Woman as celibate as a nun.

Byrne admits there may be one aspect about Wonder Woman that may appeal to lesbians: her hometown of Gateway City is really San Francisco with a different name.

Byrne reveals other hidden secrets of Wonder Woman in a new novel called Wonder Woman: Gods And Goddesses (Prima Publishing).

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